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Crazy Colors are kind of the unofficial title of this type of hair Color, they have been in existence since before I was in Academy and that was 20 years ago! We used to pull off some of the most artful projects way back then and the Art continues into today there are many different types of crazy colors and we also have a page of Crazy Colors that come out of your hair more evenly and more gently, these pretty much NEVER leave your hair and I would not use this brand if you are looking for the new "pastel look" that is so popular.  See our other page for that

Pravana VIVDS has come out with a new line of  NEONS for super NEON BRIGHT !

NO DEVELOPER IS USED WITH THIS COLOR. This is not the brand of crazy color you would use if you want the pastel look.  Please hop on over to the Paul Mitchel crazy colors for that, I will include the trick Colorists use to create Pastels out of brights for hair color fashion looks, on request.

Killerstrands automatically includes 1 pair of 1-size-fit-all gloves + measure cup with all color orders

Pravana VIVIDS are the very bright and bold colors you see walking the streets of LA. or your local city. These colors are beautiful and bright, but they are tough to get out so remember that when making your purchase.

I'm a big fan of the Pravana Vivids & I've always used them especially the 
Violet. I have recently switched to the Wild Orchid & it has 1 very important 
new plus side I noticed!! After having my hair colored at the salon, when I go 
to wash it the first timeI no longer have to wear rubber gloves as I did when I 
was using the Violet! The Wild Orchid DOES NOT wash off & stain your hands while 
shampooing the way the violet does!! :) :) Nor does it bleed through while 
putting certain hair products on that contain an alcohol base like the violet 
does. This is a major improvement in the formula & I feel it in the staying 
power on my hair! The color is beautiful & last quite nicely for 5 weeks for me 
which is how often I go to have my adorable "Skunk Line" covered up!! LOL I hope 
this helps some of you in choosing Pravana as your VIVIDS of choice! I love them 
& have tried the majority of shades on my black hair! They are so much fun & 
just for the record...I'm a crazy 59 years old th
 is November!! :) Sincerely, Pravana Lover, Wild Orchid B. Schmidt :) 

*** Please note: Pravana colors are (pretty much) permanent , no where on the box does it say what category of haircolor it is .....demi-permanent  ---  or permanent  -- or semi-permanent -- nope nowhere. So I guess its from another planet !  

I just want to be honest here.... this site is about honesty in hair - so I will always tell you the God's honest truth, whether it hurts or not........whether you want to hear it or not. These colors have been known to not come out of the hair on some people, so just be aware of what you are getting into.

 Pravana ChromaSilk VIVIDS are available in 9, crazy tones: Silver, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Wild Orchid, Violet, Green and Blue.They are inter-mixable and look best on freshly lightened hair ( even high lift tint works xcelent)

ChromaSilk VIVIDS are applied to dry hair, off the scalp and WITHOUT MIXING WITH PEROXIDE.

Remember, these are the most brilliant & vivid Krazy Kolors EVER on the market, they are beautiful I will give them that and if I was still in the salon I know I would be using them. We used to all dream of the day when there would be Krazy Kolors such as these.

4 last things

  • "magenta" has been discontinued, replaced by what is now calledWild Orchid... gorgeous color - it has a bit more violet in base
  • i've tried making pastels with this line and it doesn't work the way we used to do it . . and am not sure 'why'
  • Pravana's are a huge 3 ounce tube of color, almost all professional haircolor is in a 2oz. tube

 GIGANTIC 3 OZ Tube of Color

For instructions on making Pastel Colors out of these......... REQUEST them at checkout, write in the small box, that you would like PASTEL directions

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