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About Us


Something wonderful is about to happen to your hair. . . 


You wonder why celebrities & just a few ... select ... people have fantastic rich colorful, shiny hair ? Why can't you? I want to introduce you to the concept I finally determined was the difference between most people's color and then a few select and that difference is summed up in 1 word..... Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y.  

The quality of the hair color pigments & the quality of the ingredients in the shampoos and conditioners. All of our products have been tested & reviewed for you by the owner who is a long time (16 years) Malibu Colorist & former cosmetic chemist.

Killerstrands stocks genuine merchandise that is purchased directly from the companies printed on the bottle (unlike many others).  We provide the education you need to learn everything about hair and hair color along with a range of our own products which are our best sellers. Killerstrands Hair Clinic, one of oldest online retailers of professional hair products. Established in 2006, Killerstrands now offers over 1,000 hair products and over 2 dozen unique custom products, unavailable any other place !  Based in southern California, we are located in the hub of fashion, hair styles and hair design.

                                                                       We are a well-established (8 year) group of 3 websites dedicated

                                                                        to the HOME HAIR COLOR group of people. . of which there are

                                                                        many. We call you > Crib COLORISTS - you deserve a title if

                                                                        you can master this complex world, which most do, very-VERY well.